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cannot replace automated welcome email

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I get the message "You're already sending a Welcome Email to all new sign-ups. Would you like to replace with this new one?" But when I click "Replace" it checks and then shows me the same message repeatedly. There is no getting past it. I went to the campaigns, filtered for automations, and found the active one and tried to cancel the series or remove the template or edit the email and I get a "Ooops something went wrong, contact support." For context I've been a customer for over a decade so things have been setup and gone thru the changes over the years as CC has migrated and changed their systems. I'd say about half of the features are broken like this, but it works well for the day to day sending of emails, it's just when you go to do something else like edit an automation that's a decade doesn't work. Is this something other people see or just a problem with my account?

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Hello @JonD82 ,


I'd advise going to your All Campaigns tab in your account, going to view just the automations, and then deactivating the older automation.


all automations.png


I'd also advise looking into swapping over to our more current 3-plan setup (Lite, Standard, Premium) so you have access to the Automation Path Builder tool. This switch can be done via the Plans & Pricing tab via the menu when you click your name in the top-right corner.

William A
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