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Any way to change the language of ticket, orders ?  We are a funeral home that uses the events program to invite people to a FREE seminar.  Our population is elderly, lots have lost a spouse.   The new program really confuses the registration process, by asking them to go to other pages to add a guest, and to check out - the elderly don't understand why they have to check out when registering for something free.   

How can I make it simple so they understand they are not "submitting an order"  but are simply registering themselves and guests.? 



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Hello @FirstNameL439994 ,


The wording of events' tickets and the "Order Confirmation" page are all being set for a more dynamic experience, including terminology changes based on whether the "tickets" have a cost, if you wish to rename them, etc. These changes will be a part of a later event update. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Hi @FirstNameL439994. As @William_A mentioned, we are preparing to release a feature that enables you to modify the "Tickets" label so that you can brand those artifacts as needed (such as "SEMINARS" or "AVAILABLE DATES"). 

Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 2.55.10 PM.png

Additionally, our team is currently working on revising the event builder, reporting pages, and registration flow to be more accommodating to events that are not collecting payments by suppressing payment-related language (such as "complete order," "Free," etc.). 

Jesus F. 
Product Manager | Events 

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