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Click Reporting By Link

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Hello, the new interface is not user friendly when it comes to viewing reporting details. On the older interface, I was able to easily see the number of clicks for each link listed in an email. Now, I have to keep scrolling to the right to see each clicked number for links. I believe it's because some links are long and it's not broken up in two lines. This is highly frustrating I have to keep scrolling over. It would be nice if you could fix how the links are formatted so number of clicks can be viewed without scrolling over. Thanks.

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Hi @BlakeW the good news is the Reporting page of an email campaign does still offer the ability to see the amount of clicks by link.


ReportingRedesign_WithPercentages_LaborDaySpecial_Clicks (1).png


reporting-clicked-dropdown-links (6).png


Does this fit what you were looking for?

Status changed to: Open Questions
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