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Automation can be a helpful tool that saves you time and keeps your marketing on even when you’re off. You don’t have to recreate new emails every time you want to send something out, especially if your message isn’t changing much. 


First figure out what you want to say, then figure out the right time to send it. Set up emails to send based on actions like joining a list, taking an action or just simply triggering after a certain amount of time. 


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Here’s a couple examples of different use cases for Automation:


Welcome emails


Welcome emails can be short and sweet. You’re greeting your new or prospective customers, setting the tone for your brand, and highlighting next steps.


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Lead nurturing


Lead nurturing helps build confidence with your prospective customer/donor by carefully curating a series of emails based on how they’ve interacted with your brand/company.


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When it comes to Automation, the sky's the limit!

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Hi there. I'm trying to get a simple automation done. The folks on chat could not help me, so I'm trying here in the hopes I can get some clarification. I'd like an automated email sent to anyone who is added to specific lists. In the knowledge base, it says:

"Design tip: If you have contacts that you're manually moving onto a different list, and you want to trigger a communication to send to them, create a custom path and select the "Added to specific list" trigger instead of creating a welcome path."

The problem is, I don't have that option in my create a custom path menu. Here's what my menu looks like:


I'd love some help with this - but the folks on chat insisted I was not following directions, so I'm at a loss. This feature seems to be missing in our version of Constant Contact.


-Megan Johnson

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Hi @access_comms. Looking at your account, it appears that you are under a plan that does not have full access to the automated path builder. In order to switch over to a new plan, please contact our Billing team to discuss your options since we cannot assist with account billing here in the Community.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Thanks! That's the answer I needed. :smileyface: 

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