Why did you start your small business?


Tamika Catchings, owner of Tea’s Me Cafe Indy, shed some light on what inspired her decision to start her business. “I didn't get into it to get rich. I got into it because of the community and … to bring people together and build this”, she said.


What inspired you to start your small business?


I was inspired by reading Thoreau's famous book Walden in which he found his vocation as an author during his time in nature, outside of the hustle & bustle of ordinary life.


Having worked in HR I combined creative writing with vocational exploration in a natural setting to start my business Writes of Passage Retreats.



I love that story, @user617815! Hearing about how small businesses and nonprofits got started and what inspired them, is one of my favorite parts of my job. Inspiration can be pulled from just about anywhere. I tip my hat to the people who create a business with their inspiration We certainly wish you all the success with Writes of Passage Retreats

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We are a local non-profit spiritual, meditation organization which follows the guideline of Self-Realization Fellowship. 
We've used Constant Contact for announcements for over ten years. We do not use its full potential. 


Wow, over 10 years! That's longer than I've worked here @CMG946  We appreciate you as a customer and thank you for sharing. I would recommend giving our awesome support team a call to get you familiar with the other tools we offer. They can also direct you to some resources to help you out get closer to its full potential. 866.289.2101 Mon-Sat. We wish you a successful 2023!



It's great to hear about the inspiration behind Tamika Catchings' small business!

@DashvpopD, Right!?! Tamika is so wonderful, and even more inspiring in person! Every time I've had the opportunity to hear her speak, I am glued to my seat! Now I'm curious, What inspired you to start your business? 


Tamika Catchings' motivation to create a sense of community and unite people through her cafe is truly inspiring.
My desire for greater flexibility and control over my work drove me to start my own small business. I wanted to create something that was indeed my own and had the freedom to pursue my passions and interests in a way that wasn't possible in a traditional job. Starting a business is never easy, but with a proper plan and an advisor (mine is from stephenswmg.com) I managed to do that. What about you guys?

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