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Insert "Add to Calendar" link into email

Two ideas : 1. Allow event announcements to be added to my calendar to be posted on web site. 2. My calendar should help us capture contact info. If someone views my calendar have a pop-up that asks if their information can be added to the contact list. No one wants to go to another form to complete anymore. As you know, sites are using google or facebook log-on button so you do not have to type info. Typing info over and over again is passe

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Has a solution been implemented? Now that all of our events are on zoom (June of 2020), we need our members to be able to add events to their calendars set reminders.


Thank you!

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I want a button to Add to Calendar in a standard email campaign. Our organization does not need an event page with a registration form as the event platform we use already does this for us. We do not need to upgrade to Plus with the RSVP option because our event platform already does this. We just need the ability to Add to Calendar without creating an event landing page OR having to create an ics URL from Outlook (prohibited by the security protocols of many organizations, including ours).


Thank you.

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Hi @FirstNameL21154  are you looking to include a stand alone add to calendar link? How does the "add to calendar" on the Thank You page for a RSVP block not fit your needs?

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Hi! We do not need to track the number of attendees through your services because our event platform, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar does that for us so upgrading to a Plus account for the RSVP function is not a value for us. The ability to add a stand-alone add to calendar link would be.


Thank you!

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Hi @FirstNameL21154 thanks for clarifying this request for us! We have merged your idea into a similar thread.

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I had to save a calendar file, and host it onto a separate location just to direct link into my newsletter. I would be nice if you guys hosted the file extension. 


Any update? This would be amazing. The RSVP box currently available is similar in concept, but it really lacks some features needed like adding to google calendar, the ability to link to a paid ticket, edit text size, etc.  I wonder if this feature could be tweaked to be be more customizable. Thank you! 

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