Reschedule campaign from calendar view

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I would love to have a more user friendly calendar view, to be able to click or right click on a previous post and reschedule in that same calendar view without pop up.

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Thanks for the feedback, @DarciAyur! I'll open your idea up for voting. 

Some simple functionality that would be great for the calendar: - Being able to see what time things are scheduled for right in calendar view (ex. "Scheduled - 9:00 am ET") - Being able to drag posts from one day to the next, rather than click into them to reschedule - Being able to duplicate a post and drag the duplicate to a new day directly in calendar view

Hi @LaurenM8910


The good news is showing the time campaigns are scheduled is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we recommend sharing your need for this feature directly on that campaign. The more requests a thread like that receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.


As for rescheduling campaigns in the calendar view. Would you expect moving your items like to this to update the date the date a campaign may be scheduled for?

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