Browser issues


Browser issues

I've been using Constant Contact for several years, on different browsers, both Mac and PC. On every machine, I have the same problems.

1. The slider on the color wheel in the DESIGN tab will not slide down below the red color region. No matter what I try, it will not budge. In some cases I can enter a color code, hit "apply" and get colors int the orange/brown region, but lately that stopped working.

2. The buttons for "Edit" and "Save" in the photo edit window are not visible. They are off the bottom of the screen and even when I change the zoom on my browser to make it larger OR smaller, the buttons still do not show up.


Right now I'm running the latest version of Chrom on a Windows 10 latest version machine. These issues are so frustrating because I cannot edit photos, and I have a very limited range of color choices in the Design tab.


Hello @MaureenW6 ,


Since I'm unable to recreate any of the issues you're describing in your account in Edge, Chrome, and FireFox, it might be best if you call into support so they can do a screenshare to see your issues as they're happening. I'd also recommend providing them any information you can as far as what plugins / extensions you're using, if you're using any pop-up or ad blockers, the last time you cleared your browser cache, and what browsers you've tried on which devices (PC, Android, Mac, iPhone, etc.)

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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