New Editor is horrible


New Editor is horrible

I've been forced to switch to the new editor and I hate it. They've dummied it down to the point of being almost unusable. There's no access to the html code, no padding controls, you can't see what pixel dimensions your images are when you want to resize, and the text color picker won't show you what color the current text is. Also, although I see the line spacing feature in their tutorials, it is not there when I work on an email.  


Hello @Dr.BlaineL ,


If you'd like to build you email using HTML, the custom code editor is available.


You can check a selected image's metadata dimensions in the editing window. Since templates are setup to display for both desktop and mobile formats, including the exact dimensions when editing the base image is ultimately moot. Mobile devices will always try to force an image to display at its metadata size, with the only other limit on size being the mobile device's screen size. Click here for more info on optimizing images for mobile and desktop displays.


Based on your descriptions regarding the text coloring and line spacing aspects, it sounds like you're working in one of the templates made for the Cross-Platform Editor (CPE), which can be edited in either the website or mobile app. The CPE continues to be developed, since it's focus is being usable in the app. This means that some things available in the regular editor, may not be available in the CPE.


Screenshot 2021-03-24 150341.jpg     Screenshot 2021-03-24 150654.jpg     


Thank you for the feedback regarding the CPE. I'd recommend taking a look at our Knowledge Base for its plethora of helpful articles to ease the transition to our current, mobile-friendly email builder. For starters, you may be interested in this article on transitioning between the two builders. The current builder’s emails can be copied.


If you'd like one-on-one guidance, our general support agents can work with you live on the phone to get started as well. You can also request to have your legacy template remade in the new editor by one of the professional designers, or to have an entirely new one created for a price. If you’re unable to call in, you can also submit a form directly to our designers to have a template converted.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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