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Suspended bounces and Membership Organizations


Suspended bounces and Membership Organizations



I'm looking for help from Constant Contact or a membership association that uses Constant Contact in regards to suspended and/or blocked emails.


Our organization does not use Constant Contact for much in regards to marketing purposes.  We use it primarily as a tool to reach our paying members with the benefits and products of their membership, things they expect of us.  Nevertheless, we are plagued with 10% blocked or suspended rate.  Our members usually have .edu email addresses and we have tried to work with the IT departments at the universities to get our emails whitelisted, yet the problem persists.  If i un-suspend a member's email one time, and it bounces again, I will be forever prohibited from emailing that member again - effectively loosing them as member/customer of our organization permanently. Moreover, we are compelled to issue refunds to these individuals because we are unable to deliver their benefits to them.


I fear that if we are able to solve this issue, we will have to stop using Constant Contact.  I understand the reasons for the suspension rules from a mass marketing perspective, but when they are applied to those who have the express intent of purchasing our communications it becomes highly problematic and potentially damaging to our brand.


I would be curious if anyone else has had this issue and what your solutions were.


Many thanks!


Hello @RN_ED_2020 ,


If you're seeing approximately 10% of your addresses / customer base bouncing as either blocked or non-existent, I'd definitely recommend reaching out to our deliverability team. They'll want to look into why so many of these valid emails ever bounced as NE to begin with, and look into what our relationship is with the school(s) the emails are going to.

With that said, if you're unable to call in due to time or international call restraints we can try to get a ticket submitted for you. This community profile appears attached to a dead trial account, and we're having some difficulty finding your active account. If you'd like for us to submit a ticket, could you please send an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the username of your account, as well as either some of the consistent domains of addresses that showed up in the bounce report, or the name of the last email campaign(s) that had these consistent bounces?

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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