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In all e-mails sent by my colleagues, after it is set, under the dropdown More there is a list that begins with Copy. That was also the case in my e-mails. Now, all of the e-mails I have sent out do not have Copy under my e-mails. It starts with Details and goes on to Preview etc. The only way I can send an e-mail is to copy a previous one and make the necessary changes. Can you please help me. Our account is My e-mail address is  Many thanks!

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Hello @OhevShalomBC ,


If the campaign is a Legacy Email type, you won't be able to copy it. Otherwise, I'm not seeing the issue you're describing, as all your Email type campaigns have a copy option available, including the ones in Scheduled status. Does this issue occur after performing other connectivity troubleshooting, such switching browsers, clearing your cache, disabling extensions, or using Incognito/Private browsing?

William A
Community & Social Media Support