Create dropdown fields for sign up forms

I need to know the industry that my subscribers are from. In the profile update they provide that information in an un standardized way. Can there be a drop down list so I have consistent values in that field and can sort on it. otherwise, there a lot of different names for the same industry. Ii run webinars and Go to Webinar has a dropdown list for industry so all of the lists I upload from webinar registrations (they opt into the list) has standard industry responses. This is extremely critical. I can't ask my subscribers to update their industry or it will corrupt the CC data base for that field.

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2023, still no drop down lists. It's been a thing since 1999 CC.


This would be EXTREMELY HELPFUL! We are wanting to get rid of our forms tool to replace it with constant contact forms but they are too limited. We would like to see choice field options (radio buttons, check boxes, dropdown), as well as a file upload option, a yes/no choice option for things like agreements, waivers, etc. 


would love to be able to have a drop down or options for people to check off 


Are there still no dropdowns for contact info?? What a shame...this need to be implemented ASAP!


Really? No dropdown option or checkboxes in form creation? Kind of basic and expected functionality. Any timeline on getting this included into the Constant Contact platform?

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