Ability to Resize Image with Dimensions

There is no way to resize an image in the fancy new image editor. There needs to be an easy way to resize images to make attractive tiled backgrounds.

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Re: Adjusting size of a photo in an email

With the new photo editor I find it difficult to adjust the size. You have to go and manually change the size dimensions. I liked the old editor better because you could adjust the size by pulling the corner to make the picture larger or smaller.


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Agreed. this used to be very easy, now i can't figure out how to auto size images based on a specified aspect ratio.



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Hey @cherlyn_g the new photo editor does allow for you to drag and drop each corner of the image to where you'd like to crop it. With this new editor being managed by a third party, we don't have the ability to implement change freely, however, this is feedback we've provided to them directly as the crop tool is very difficult to see on images with light background.


Hey @BeadFXBeads, thanks for sharing this feedback! We're utilizing an image editor from a third party company and while we don't have the ability to add this feature in ourselves, we're passing this feedback on to them so they'll be able to take action on it. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience and ways we can make the image editor work better for you!

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I don't like the clunky new photo editing part, photos are not clear, cannot be sized by pulling on a corner, etc. Annoying. So many things are not working right today, and you can see I've made many dozens of successful cc emails.
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Can you please tell me the secret to determining how to size a photo that looks perfectly fine in desktop/computer viewed emails that ALSO looks proportional on a mobile device - this applies to handwritten signatures, too. When I insert a scanned signature of a name, it often looks fine in computer/desktop view, but it gets HUGE in mobile view. Resizing it makes it look grainy and pixelated - and still too big for the mobile view. Photos do the same thing at times. Please help!




Today I logged onto Constant Contact to see that I could no longer copy and edit my legacy emails. I had to re-create my template in the new editor, which posed many issues for me. First, I would like to be able to resize images using pixels as we were able to do in legacy emails. While I managed to get my desktop emails to look fine, I was dismayed to see that the mobile version looks completely jumbled with no way to edit that. I guess I am now going to have to re-save my images in mobile size before uploading, which is frustrating when I used to be able to do it right in Constant Contact.


Also, there are no tools for aligning images in the way I want. I want less white space in the center columns and I want to be able to align images without having to eyeball it. I would also like the option to center my links in the top nav, because they do not have the same amount of space between each and there is no option to resize them, or add more than 5 links as far as I can tell.


I was excited to move to this platform (basically so I could start to use emojis in subject lines), but the features we have lost have made me more frustrated than anything.

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It would be nice to have an aligning bar that helps you make sure the images are aligned from one block to another.  Sometimes when I have three images side by side, I can't tell if they are equal height.  Or if I have three similar blocks with text between them, I can't tell if they images are the same size in each block.

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