Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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I don't like to complain, but I REALLY miss having access to the html in the new templates.It's extremely frustrating and very limiting. And the template design palette doesn't work that great, so making minor changes to font sizes, styles and colors, links or line breaks is simply impossible now. Please please bring back that feature. Or if there are templates that allow that, how can I find them? 


Thank you, otherwise I do love the contact list and reporting features.

I'm so upset that you've eliminated the HTML option. I use it when I have to copy the info from a large text and image block with a lot of formatting to another email. Plus, whenever the formatting got tweaky by adding unwanted spaces I could just go into the code and fix it. PLEASE BRING THE HTML OPTION BACK ASAP!
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It would be nice to see the Code View of the HTML updated to HTML5.

Those of us who understanding basic coding struggle with some of the old, outdated coding limitations in Constant Contact.

Thank you.


We regularly use the HTML button in the old editor and still have not switched over to the new because we will not have the ability to edit the HTML. We do a lot of copying and pasting from week to week in our email campaigns and the HTML often needs some tweaking. Please add it back so we can use the new editor! Thank you!

There should be a way to edit code of a Constant Contact template. I want to create 100% width for an image that I placed in a Constant Contact template. Some test deployments, there's white padding on the sides when some people open the eblast. WordPress does a good job with visual and text layout tabs, and that would be a great way for advanced users wanting to start with a solid framework that Constant Contact provides.
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I'm an affiliate rep for you. After experiencing your new editor I'm going to discontinue selling your services. Your new editor sucks. It's nowhere as easy to work with as the previous editor. There's no access to the HTML. I cannot control the size of images. It's clunky. Go back to the old editor. And the excuse that someone might mess up a design so that it won't be responsive doesn't hold water. Experienced designers aren't that stupid. Besides, I know that this excuse is nonsense.  let's their users do this. 


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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  Add the Code Block feature to the new 3rd generation editor!!!! I have been waiting for over a year since the new editor came out for you to add this back in. Seriously thinking about switching platforms because of all the new limitation the new 3rd generation editor has.

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @MARCIA11,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble in the new editor.  I'd like to understand your feedback better.  Are there any specific reasons you are wanting to edit the HTML?  As far as controlling the size of images-- are you having trouble controlling them within the editor, or are you seeing them re-size after you send?  If you'd like to chat with someone let me know and we can have a member of our team reach out to help

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I also miss the ability to edit the HTML.  I repeat content. Often a year later. In the Legacy editor I saved the HTML code to a text document.  When needed, I copy and paste the HTML text into the new email and edit as needed. The ability to do this saves this volunteer tons of time.

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This is what editor looks like:

MailChimp Editor.pngThat's what an email editor should look like. You don't even have a way to insert images, for crying out loud. We're stuck with your confined content blocks. 


I agree with M.Elaine. I also used to save the HTML from previous templates to paste it in to save time. Now it can't be done. 


I've begun moving my clients over to , where we're treated like sophisticated adults. Adios.

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