Ability to insert an indent for paragraphs

I'm incapable of indenting the first line of a paragraph. This simple aspect of writing should be a no-brainer possibility for account users. Especially when so much of marketing is not only content, but how the content is presented. Capability to indent and format paragraphs properly is a necessity. I'm shocked this hasn't been addressed/fixed, it's such a simple formatting requirement.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight to your feedback.


To summarize what’s happened with this feedback so far. We’ve made an update to our Cross Platform Editor to allow for multiple spaces to be entered. Previously, multiple spaces were stripped out. This is a great option if you are in need of a leading indent. We still have an open request internally to insert a tab and indenting multiple lines of text. At this time there aren’t any other updates on any movement on that request, but we’ll keep you posted in this thread.


Hi @LisaS9834 we apologize we do not have a time estimate of when this feature will be made available as there are many factors that affect priority. We do however read your feedback, as all feedback is read by Constant Contact employees. While we may not respond to every comment – it is acknowledged and tracked with the appropriate teams. In fact, here is a section of our Community that helps explain what we do with our customer’s feedback.


With that said, what type of size control are you looking for when creating columns? As for creating indents, we recommend kudoing or commenting your need for this feature directly on the thread focused on indentation. The more requests a thread like this receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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I don't much care about indenting the first line of a paragraph, but it sure would be nice to be able to have a feature comparable to using the "blockquote" code in html. And, if this is added, it would be good if we could have some control about how much it's indented on each side.


I am just adding my voice to the three years (!!!) of users who have requested this indent feature -- like JulieL34 above, I don't care a lot about indenting individual paragraphs, but am beyond frustrated trying to indent a block of text. I even tried typing five spaces at the beginning of each line. This looked fine while I was working, but when I sent a test, all those careful spaces disappeared.


Please fix this. I don't see how it can be so hard.

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Chiming in again as I just saw the comment above from DariaO2

It reminded me that one of the "cheats" i tried was using a bullet and then trying to make it invisible--but there is no way to change the color of the bullet character, or the look of it. That would have been one way to make the adjustment (though not ideal since a bullet only indents from the left side). We did discover recently that if we copy and paste content from an html page that has a blockquote in it, SOMETIMES that formatting is carried over into a Constant Contact template block. but not always.

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I tried something new today to help with this problem.  Not a great solution, but it kind of worked for a line of text, not so much for a full paragraph.


If you use the underline at the beginning of the line and then make it WHITE it will give you something that looks like an indent.


why is it that we can put a man in space, but we can't get any space in Constant Contact, especially after all these years.  Probably because we all keep renewing :wink:


Thanks CynthiaE4!

I hadn't thought of that and will try it next time. (Shudder when I think of a "next time," but I guess it's inevitable.)

Today, I ended up making a PDF of a Word document that was what I wanted, converting the PDF to a .jpg, and cropping it to fit, then inserting it as an image into Constant Contact. Not ideal and forget matching a background colour, but something.

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ok, here's one more workaround.

Use the block called "split column feature"

Remove the photo in the right column.

Remove the text in the right column. (I'm pretty sure I am recalling correctly that you have to do these one at a time to get it to work.


Once you do this, you will have a wide photo and a text block. Remove that photo.

Because of the padding on both sides that is built in for the two column layout, you will now have a rectangle that is slightly narrower than the full width. Paste your text in that box, change the background color to the color of your regular email background, and you will have something like a blockquote.


It's a pain, but it somewhat works. Here's hoping the CC mavens don't notice this and decide we don't need a simple blockquote feature.


Having tab or indent capacity makes it much easier to format emails and news letters.  - Adjusting margins would be great too.  This deficit is making my work a lot harder and more time consuming than it needs to be.


vote to put back the indent!!


I've been a Constant Contact user since 2015 and it's sad that all of these comments are here and yet Constant Contact does not respond - nor have they added a simple feature like 'paragraph indent.'  I will be looking for another vendor this year since they're raising prices.  One that cares about what their customers want.  When I started out with CC in 2015 it was much easier to use, you could add photos, edit, etc.  Though they 'say' they have added more functionality, what they've really done is take something that worked great and made each step more complicated to use - and still no simple feature like paragraph indent.  Pretty sad!

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