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Ability to send a SMS and Email at the same time

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We would like the ability to build a multi-channel campaign ourselves where we can schedule emails and texts without AI doing it for us. There are certain events, like meetings, it would be helpful to send an email and a text so everyone receives the information. If these could be organized in one place and done on one page it would be much more effective for us.

Status changed to: Clarifying

Hello @MichaelT3746 ,


Thank you for providing feedback on the new Campaign Builder tool. As far as scheduling the campaigns, right now SMS and Email campaigns within a multi-channel campaign can be accessed from that same page, but their scheduling pages would technically be separate since SMS campaigns have a universal time frame for quiet hours that can't be modified (at this time).


If your ultimate goal to be able to have both campaigns' scheduling pages appear as one merged page? Or is the idea more that the scheduling page would be a pop-up window when looking at your multi-channel campaign, and not redirect to a separate page? If neither, can you elaborate any further on how you'd want to handle scheduling different campaigns in a multi-channel?

Campaign Contributor

We send out quite a bit of information to different groups. It would be helpful to choose a list and be able to schedule emails and texts with the same info, or a text message with the constant contact email link so that people could get to the information even if the email that was sent went to junk mail with an abbreviated text message that has the pertinent info. With our previous solution, we were able to do this, and it helped make sure everyone received the info. 


For the ticket I want to open with the devs, would you more prefer some kind of pop-up when working in a multi-channel campaign that handles the scheduling?


Or would you prefer an email's scheduling page have the ability to also generate and schedule an SMS notification with the email's URL?

Campaign Contributor

We would prefer the email scheduling page to be able to schedule an SMS with the email. 

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