Ability to turn off In Product Support chat

This pop up is ruining our Constant Contact Experience Preventing us from completing our work.. Causing page to slow down and interupt our work

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Hi @HayleyG. Are you able to provide a screenshot of what this pop-up looks like or describe it further? Did you click on anything before it appeared? 

Campaign Contributor

If this user is talking about the Chat pop-up that constantly comes up while using Constant Contact, I AGREE!  It drives me crazy!!


Hi @Bonnie725 Can you also share a screenshot of this pop-up? Does it take up your whole screen or appear in the corner of your account? Also, what were the steps you took before it appeared, did you click on anything?

Campaign Contributor

I estimate it's been about 2 months now where the Live Chat window pops up in the bottom right hand corner too often.  I cancel or close the window but it seems to pop up again the next time I attempt to edit another campaign.  It happens too often.

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Campaign Contributor

I agree. The popup window asking if I want chat help appears almost every time I open a campaign for editing. Since I have multiple campaigns in progress at once, and since I add to them constantly until it's time to send them, it is incredibly distracting and annoying to have to dismiss the window each time. 


This is relatively new behavior (the last month or so?). Please turn this off. The help menu is very obvious at the top of the screen and I can easily open that to chat if I need to.

I don't need help and I want the box to get out of the way but it does NOT
A pop-up shows up every time I navigate to a new screen - do you need help? No! I don't! And it's really annoying to have to close it out (twice) every single time.

I have the same problem with the "help" pop-up that needs to be closed by clicking on it twice. Please make it stop because it blocks part of my campaign so I can't just ignore it.

Campaign Collaborator

It is really annoying, especially since you have to close out of it twice to actually get it to go away. If I want help, I will go to the help page. Having the chat pop up and block my campaign every single time is a nuisance. Get rid of it. 

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