Ability to turn off Stacking columns on mobile

Not all content necessarily follows the same format of being presented like a table, and currently the only option for mobile view is for the content to be stacked vertically row-by-row. Sometimes this may be exactly what the campaign builder intended (reading left-to-right in a table of information). However, sometimes contrasting information was designed side-by-side for the web version of the email for readability, but should actually be stacked column-by-column in the mobile version in order to make sense to the mobile reader. It would be incredibly helpful to have a "mobile view option" checkbox just before sending to select if columns should be ordered by rows or columns (same concept as deciding print settings just before sending a doc to a printer).


I'm having this same issue. The mobile version of my email stacks one column on top of the other, instead of leaving them side-by-side even though there's plenty of room. This is detrimental to the information I'm trying to convey in my email. 

Brand Influencer

Yes, please, Constant Contact, remove this whole automatic mobile layout function! It is NOT good for us as the creators of the newsletter, nor for the readers.  PLEASE allow us to disable it!

It is now 2022 and we are still designing emails desktop-first despite 75% or more of our users viewing on a mobile device.  Constant Contact - please come up with a better solution for laying out mobile emails with more flexibility. Mobile screens are larger and higher res than ever before, we can fit two columns in an email if we want.

Campaign Collaborator

Constant Contact does not allow you to specify alignment of images for mobile view—they all just become centered regardless of desktop alignment. I would like the ability to specify the alignment of my images for mobile.

Marketing Legend

This is a great idea. I am only seeing it today for the first time though apparently it came up at least 4 years ago. Can we get an update as to whether this is being worked on? So many obvious things just seem to "live" over here on the community pages with little progress in development.


I, too, am very frustrated that I can not turn off stacking.  I know it's possible because a few years ago for another employer Constant Contact designed a template for me and it views on a mobile device the same as in the email.  So why don't we have the option to set this on any template we are using.  I know it can be done.

Brand Influencer

Yes! Yes! Yes!  PLEASE give us the flexibility to unstack and make the newsletter appear on mobile devices the way we create and read them on our desktops!



Status changed to: Acknowledged

Feel compelled to follow up on this thread as this feature is still lacking. It's the biggest hang-up for me in terms of the builder. Even a toggle to reverse stacking on mobile would be an unbelievably welcome addition. introduced this feature in their latest campaign builder and it completely transformed the look and feel of the campaigns I'm able to create. Please, *please* implement that feature here.


I agree totally DrewVB427.  Many of us have addressed this issue and I don't see any response where they are trying to resolve the problem.  I know it can be done because when I first started using Constant Contact and had them set up my first email template my mobile views weren't stacking like they are now.  So it shouldn't be a hard fix to make this option available to us.  This is obviously an issue for many and I would hope that would make this a priority to the Constant Contact team.

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