Adding Tables to 3rd Generation

We had a thread about adding tables to third generation emails but a moderator closed it saying now that we can use 5 columns that should solve the problem.


Guess what, it does not come close to solving the problem. There is no way to line up text except tables. adding columns does not work because the columns will not always display side by side.

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With the introduction of our cross-device editor, tables can be added to a campaign.


When viewed on a mobile device, your table won’t resize to fit the screen. If your table is wider than the screen, contacts will need to scroll horizontally to see the full table. Testing is especially important when using a table so you can experience what your contacts will see.


Tables are vital for communicating a lot of information. The image substitute doesn't cut it, and using columns doesn't translate when viewing in mobile. Tables really are necessary.


We need tables! Make Constant Contact GREAT AGAIN!

Campaign Collaborator

It's 2020, and still no capability to make tables.



Brand Visionary

Please put tables back in as an option in the new formats. Also, vertical dividers would be great too.


Please add tables

Need the ability to transfer a table from an excel into a campaign email document

I must say the fact that you can't use even basic tables in the email template sucks.  Using side-by-side columns is NOT a solution since they don't always line up.  And having to create a table elsewhere and insert an image of it is so backwards.  Very cumbersome and time-consuming, particularly if you end up making changes to the table, then you have go through the process all over again.  Such basic functionality too.  Maddening.  Previous versions of CC templates allowed templates.  Why are we going backwards???

Brand Influencer

Not sure if I already posted this here...


Need for clickable table of contents

I desperately need to be able to have a clickable table of contents in the newsletter I have been sending out for more than 10 years. My newsletter contains 30 or so articles that for ease of navigation require a table of contents that the reader can easily use for navigation. Nothing remotely complicated about anything else is a purely text newsletter


The 3rd generation editor apparently does not permit this. I desperately need it. Please find a workable solution. Or permit use of "old" 2nd generation templates.


I would also say that people reading my newsletter on mobile devices CAN use the newsletter. And the newsletter gets thru to gmail and other accounts, contrary to Constant Contacts claim that newsletters with anchor links are rejected.

Marketing Legend

Same for me.  Suddently (without notice) deleting functionality is not OK.  I'm not sure for whom the "new system" was designed, but it wasn't for the frequent users.

Brand Influencer

With further research I see that this problem that I only discovered a couple weeks ago has been raised with Constant Contact a number of times. With no solution forthcoming. I can't believe that a clickable Table of Contents is not in high demand. Its absence destroys the utility of my newsletter (Johnson's Russia List) that I have sent out thru Constant Contact to thousands of recipients for more than 10 years. At this point I may try to switch to Mailchimp or some other service. Why can't CC just let "old timers" keep using the old ways if we insist. Let the "improvements" go for those who don't mind the change. I just need to be able to continue to "copy" my old template.

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