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Greetings Constant Contact,


I have a few recommendations that I'm hoping you will incorporate. I really want to purchase a Constant Contact premium plan but the only offer is a yearly plan. I wouldn't have a problem purchasing this if there weren't (what I consider) serious limitations.


Please only receive this message with kindness and grace.


I LOVE the appearance of constant contact and my top two favorite features are its beautiful appearance on mobile and its AI design.


I'm leaving or am attempting to leave Wix for because of the above statement, however, I've been experiencing hiccups or limitations that I hope would be resolved so that I can purchase with confidence.


These are my recommendations and hiccups:


1. When I attempt to save my drafts they do not save properly. Most of the information is missing when I return. I'm also redirected to the main blog menu which can be annoying at it waste time if you want to simply save and continue working.


2. Pasting feature doesn't work well. If I write a document outside of Constant Contact and try to paste it in Constant Constant. No formatting is maintained.


I do understand that if I use formatting tags such as <h1 .> and paste, the formatting is fine...UNTIL I paste anything else which undoes the formatting AND pastes and deletes random text.


In summary for the only way to arrange or rearrange text inside Constant Contact is to type everything all over again. You cannot cut and paste. 


3. Add a 'share post' feature. In order to share a blog post, you must copy the browser URL. This doesn't show up well when you paste it in the destination. Pictures do not show. Text is unformatted. And it's inconvenient for blog readers which means it's unhelpful to site owners.


4. More apps in the apps store that allow you to make your site more robust.


Also, what is your refund policy as I have searched for it but am not able to find?

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @BasilF9,
Thank you for taking the time to type out all of this detailed feedback to us! I appreciate you being able to share with us what your experience was like. Feedback like this is what allows us to be able to make changes in the future!

You should be able to have the option to switch to a monthly plan! Check out this article on how to change from a prepayment plan to a monthly plan. Check out the tutorial. 

If you are able to share more on your experience that would be very helpful!

1. Would you be able to walk me through your experience when saving? Did you have the same experience on different browser or device? 

2. Would it help if you had the option to past with styles or to paste without styles?

3. Are you trying to share your campaign, or are you trying to share a blog in your campaign? 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! If you would like to continue the conversation, please feel free to reply here in the Community or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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