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Allow Moving Column Headers When Modifying Columns

I agree LouiseG92.  This new format IS NOT conducive to my needs.  If I have to use this new format, i'd prefer to have the option of the Order of the Columns, whereas I prefer LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS...... unfortunately I'm told that we don't have the option to do this.  Very Poor service!!


Hi @BillE528 how does the current ability to modify the table columns that display in your contacts view not fit your needs?


Reply from @BillE528 

I look for my contacts using First, their Last Name followed by Last Name, and then review or select their Email Address. As email addresses often times doesn’t reflect someone’s name, having the email address in the First Column as is currently viewed is not User Friendly.

Switch to
Last Name
First Name
Email Address

The current update allows us to Select 7 Columns, but does not allow us to select the Order of those Columns.



Liking the new contact list, except one big flaw. You can not organize the columns on the page! The far left column is always the email, and when trying to find many contacts to remove from the list by name it is very cumbersome. Constant Contact response to this is to export and then import again. This is two too many steps, when it would be so easy to have the option to reorganize columns.

I have voice my issue, please anyone else who is reading this, please voice yours also, so we can get it changed.

Thank you for your support



Cannot reorganize columns to show Last Name FIRST, very difficult to use!!!! Please update the program.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @BillE528 thank you for following up with these details! How would you expect to edit the order of your contact columns? In the meantime we have moved your idea from the original thread you posted on into a thread of if it's own so it can be tracked appropriately. We have also opened your idea up so other users can weigh in on this request as well.

Thank you for providing the ability to choose which columns we want to see when viewing contacts. However, it would be better if we could then sort by those columns also. Otherwise, it's not very functional.
How can I change the contact listing order? I would prefer to list my contacts by last name rather than by email address.
I would like to be able to move the list of email addresses to a second or third column. I look for my clients by name, and having the email first is just a lot of clutter. I don't mind having it listed, but don't want to have to see it when I have little interest in the address and only want the name. It would be good if we can move the address column to where it is less obtrusive.
Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

We do not have plans to have any kind of dragging feature to reorder columns. However, you can still accomplish changing the order of the columns by using the dropdown to select the appropriate header.

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