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Allow a call back option for phone support

Your service is good overall.   I am pleased that my email went out to my 14,000 addressees.   The samples look good.     Only about 10 hating replies so far.   That's good out of 14,000...... 


I do want to point out something I dislike,    hate is better,   despise is the right word.


If I could,   I would  N E V E R   again be on hold for your piano music and spamming of your commercials.   You know that I didn't call to hear that and of course I know it as 20 or 30 minutes tick buy.      The phone company and the cable company are the most hated companies in the country largely because they do this  (waste so much of people's time.


And its not an insurmountable problem.   Not even a hard problem!


Small tech companies that are rising stars do it differently and at low expense.     Its simple.  Its automated too so you should love it!  That is, they offer the opportunity to get a call back.   Then the prompt the number I called in on and ask if I want a call back at that number when the next tech is available.    OF COURSE I DO!!!


You obviously should do this in  ANY  situation where your customers are about to be put on hold.   They will be so much happier with your services.   Everything but this worked quite well.

Marketing Legend

Your support lines are unacceptable..."30 minutes?" Seriously? Clearly, Constant Contact does NOT "value" it's customers....what kind of service is this?  Other companies will offer to call you back if hold times are unreasonable.  Not only are these times ridiculously long and RUDE, but that MUSIC YOU PLAY IS NAUSEATING!  You don't even bother to change it up...just the same sickening crap for 30 frickin' minutes?  C'mon, this is pathetic.

I waited 45 minutes on hold last night and 30 minutes on hold today to try to fix problems that should not have existed in the first place. Please use the "if you dont want to wait press 1 and we will call you back" fix for this that now virtually everyone in the world uses. Thank you.

Suggest that you call back when the wait is too long.

Have been on hold for over half an hour with monotonous music and no option to get a call back!!!!!!
Please add a call back option
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Hi everyone! 


The good news is users do now have the ability to opt-in for a callback during long wait times when trying to call into support. Currently callbacks are offered within specific hours of the day if the queue times are high, and may change based on business hours.

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