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Your Contact Page (to add a new contact, for exampl e) is not optimized for mobile devices. It's very frustrating when I'm on the go and trying to add names to our list. In fact, much of your new website is not mobile friendly from the admin. side. This is a pain point for your customers. When are you going to optimize for mobile, including Androids? Thank you for listening! Catherine Blake
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Hi @CatherineB9732 what steps do you find to be difficult to add contacts on your mobile device? How would you expect to do this instead? What type of Android/operating system are you using?

@Frankie_P I suggest that you show this comment to your development team and have them actually test it on mobile devices, including Android before releasing code. It's unacceptable that your site is not mobile friendly from an administration standpoint. Please show this comment to your development and testing QA/QC team. 



Hi @CatherineB9732 what do you find difficult about adding contacts through our mobile app?

It doesn't work! Try it yourself. Also, clearly you are not reading my well articulated description of the issue. You are a bot trying to waste my time! Done.


Hi @CatherineB9732 are you adding contacts to your account through our mobile app or using your mobile browser? If you are using your mobile browser, what browser is it? We also do recommend downloading our mobile app app if you are working on a mobile device as it is a better experience, especially with adding contacts.


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We have not heard back from you, so we are closing this idea. We welcome feedback and encourage you to create a new post and let us know what improvements or requests you would like to see.

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