Copy a campaign from client account into another child or parent account

This is INSANE. I have to wait on hold for 40 minutes to get emails copied between my managed accounts. I can't "continue" once I create a new email without logging out of the client account, returning to the "main account" and then logging back onto the client account. You added HOURS TO MY PROCESS with your rollout. I'm disgusted. You have known about these problems, I know bc I keep having to call to copy emails, and yet you have not rolled this horrible thing back???? I want the old console back until you can get all these glitches corrected. This is making me want to transfer all my business elsewhere. No kidding. And I'll demand refunds for my clients, myself, and will charge back if needed. I'm a long time client and you should have NEVER ROLLED THIS OUT. Such an incredibly poor business decision, I'm shocked at you people. Shocked. FIX OR ROLL IT BACK. Please and thank you.


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Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any inconvenience this update in partner accounts may cause. At this time copying campaign from client account into another client or parent account is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well. The workaround we recommend is creating the campaign in the partner account as campaigns can be copied from parent account to client accounts. As for the wait time, Partner Support can also be reached by email at partnersupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with an up to 2 business day turnaround time.

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@MelissaP321 wrote:

That function doesn’t exist right now. THAT is the problem. You can’t do
that in your system right now. How do you not know that?????

Status changed to: Acknowledged

I apologize that we have not made any movement on including this functionality in the updated Partner console. No immediate developments are happening, but we continue to share the feedback with our engineering team. We will mark this as Acknowledged and keep the thread updated should we have news to share.

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It would be awesome if your team could notifiy partners when this is available again, it is an important key to partners being able to streamline email communications for clients. 

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I love our ability to copy a campaign from our main partner account to a child account. We really need the ability to copy campaigns both directions - copy a campaign from a child account to either the main account or to another child account. 

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