Difficulty/Confusion When Editing Contacts

It used to be that as soon as I found the person I was looking for in Contacts search results, I could click on their name to open their individual page. Now names are not clickable and I need to tick the box or use the dropdown menu to edit the contact. This is unnecessary inconvenience and lots of extra clicks for basic functionality that is used frequently.

The changes you just implemented make managing my contacts much harder! Instead of a simple process it now takes multiple clicks to make changes to the contact. terrible! Please go back to the way it was!
I am so annoyed with your contact page right now. 1. The header at the top should scroll down as I scroll my list of contacts. 2. When I click on a contact to update I should return to that point in the list so I do not have to continually scroll down to where I left off. 3. you have save button when updating contact info but not the email list. make it consistent. 4. I've sent several 'one time' emails and the history doesn't reflect the newest email sent. So did it send or not??? I don't have 15 minutes to wait and go back to double check.
I'm adding to my previous list of items you should consider updating regarding the contact list. 5. When deleting a contact I should not be sent back to the begging of the list so that I then have to re-scroll and click to different pages. Very time consuming and frustrating 6. put the page arrows at the top and bottom of the list to make it easier to move around the contacts. Or have it always be visible and easy to access
Very difficult to use this contact format. Ugh!
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Hi @IreneK13337 what about our updated contact management dashboard do you find difficult to use? How would you expect this feature to operate instead?


Reply from @IreneK13337 

I almost forgot about this. I cannot change the email address for one of my contacts. This is so hard to use. It is even hard just to get a list of the contacts in alphabetical order . The old format was much much easier to use.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

Since the original post, we have made improvements to the Contacts view. 


  • Clicking on a contact opens a Contact Details window with a visible Edit button
  • The "Add Contacts" button is more visible in the top right corner of the page
  • Contacts can be sorted

We will be closing this idea and the ability to comment. If you wish to provide feedback or suggest an improvement, please create a new post.

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