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I've been using Constant Contact for about a month and am pretty disappointed in the service. We paid nearly twice the amount we had been paying to , and have had nothing but issues at this point. We were not notified that our first e-mail to our 75,000 subscribers would be under review for 48 hours. The information in the e-mail was extremely time sensitive and at this point has probably cost us several thousand dollars in sales. Combined with the fact that I was told by the account review team that the e-mails would be sent within the next 24 hours and at this point, only one batch has been sent. It does us absolutely no good to have e-mails sent in the middle of the night. 


The bigger problem though is the Shopify integration and reporting. Comparatively, it is extremely basic. I have been told by Customer Service there is no way for me to choose to auto upload only those customers who have opted into marketing, which means I have to manually update my lists daily. There is also no way for me to track sales from link clicks like we were able to do with MailChimp or to see the overall sales from an e-mail. We have been told I can only track sales from specific Shopify Blocks. I can't add a collection as a block, and with thousands of products on our site, there is no way to add all of the products from a particular promotion without bombarding customers. 


While customer service is polite enough they don't seem to have any interest in helping me find workarounds for these issues. I have only ever been told "I understand the inconvenience this has caused you. Unfortunately, we don't offer...". Every other platform I have used has at least done their best to try and find solutions. 


I hope that these issues will be resolved as I become more familiar with the platform, but at this point, I'm extremely disappointed and will be looking elsewhere if I don't see any improvement.

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