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Please add the TIME that an email was sent/is scheduled to be sent on the "calendar view".  We send out multiple emails in a day and for a short time I was able to hover over the email name on the calendar and it would show the time in the hover text, but it does not do that anymore.  It is vital to us to be able to see when we have campaigns scheduled to go out so that we don't send too many messages at once.  I would really like for the time to be viewable on the calendar without hovering, but if the hover text is the only place you can put it, that's fine - please just add it back!

Thank you.

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Hi @Marisa_M. If you click on the campaign while in the calendar view, there is a pop-up that appears showing campaign details including the scheduled date/time or the sent date/time if the campaign was already sent. Do you see this in your account?





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I see it in the pop-up but that's just two more clicks you need to do (one click to open and one more to close) when you are just trying to see the time it was/is scheduled to be sent real quick (usually I am looking at the calendar in a separate tab because I've got another campaign open and am trying to schedule it without bombarding our contacts with emails at the same day/time). 

A Hover display, or even better - showing the time in the thumbnail - would be preferred to eliminate the cumbersomeness of he current process.

Even BETTER than all of this would be to show the calendar with already scheduled campaigns in the view when scheduling the new campaign so you are sure you are not double booking an email at the same time.

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I use the Calendar view all of the time to make sure that I'm not scheduling too many emails in one day... however, a BIG feature is missing and that is the TIME!!! It's very cumbersome to have to click on each campaign to open it so that I can see the time that it's scheduled (or was sent).  PLEASE add this to the calendar view! 

ALSO... when scheduling a campaign, it would be SUPER helpful to be able to bring up my calendar to see when I have an opening... currently I have to keep the calendar open in another tab while I'm scheduling my campaign and it's a pain in the neck. Please make this a more user-friendly experience!


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Thank you for the continued feedback, @Marisa_M. I'll open this idea up for voting! 

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, there are no plans to include send or schedule information directly on the calendar view. When clicking on a campaign, the scheduled and sent times are displayed on the pop up.




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