Don’t send emails to my contacts at 11:40pm!

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I understand that you have a system to do a review of large new contact lists. I was very hesitant to do this because of the batch process is phased. With that, I only had control over the initial batch of 7,000 emails out of 54,000 total. Your review team told me that I have no control over when the system sends the remaining emails during the review process but assured me that they would not be sent out of regular business hours. NOT THE CASE! Your system just sent out the remainder of at least 25,000 emails to my contact list at 11:30pm EST. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SEND A MARKETING EMAIL AT 11:30PM? I’m sure you’re company is aware of optimal send times! This is disgraceful. This negatively affects my business, damages my marketing reputation, will negatively affect sales conversions, and will cause more spam reports/unsubscribes. This has been a horrible experience and I’m shocked that your company would let this happen to a new customer. Please call me ASAP!

Hi @LuxuryBallCaps


We apologize this is the experience you had with the email campaign in your account as this is definitely not the experience we want our users to have! We do however thank you for sharing this feedback and have passed it on to the appropriate teams. With that said, though you have canceled your account, if you have any further questions on this experience we ask that you call into our Account Review Department directly.

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