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Email Support

Dear ConstantContact, 


You seem to no longer publish an actual email address for which your paying subscribers can contact you directly; now there is this "idea" forum and "community". Along with your tedious new automatic robotic, automated telephone system, now we are required to submit "ideas" instead of just sending you a private direct email. Why does CC continue to create more distance between your team and your subscribers?


I am writing with a complaint that I have voiced many times and seldom have received a reply:


Please stop subjecting paying subscribers to unwanted and, in my opinion, unnecessary, pop-ups and teasers and other extraneous message content. We should have an option to opt out, as paying subscribers. Yet your company stubbornly refuses to offer this and, indeed, even to acknowledge the very existence of this ever-growing barrage of uwanted "messages". 



Top Answer

As part of our updated feedback statuses, we are updating this idea as Acknowledged. While we recognize the desire for alternate forms of support, past offerings of email support created long turnaround times and frustration over issues that could not be resolved over email, and customers would need to call our Support department. There is also the issue of account security to ensure we are talking to a verified account user. This is not something we can do over email.


At this time, we do not have plans to include email support. Should we hear any updates in the future, we will post them here.


For account assistance, please call or chat with our Support team.


What a perfect combination, a company we PAY to help us distribute information by EMAIL does not have contact by email themselves! Instead we are directed to such wonders as FAQ. Try as I might I can't find answers (or questions) there for issues such as why could I select a template BEFORE viewing you 'new editor' video but now I can't OR why can I only make changes to a dozen or so contacts before your system freezes requiring me to log out and back in to continue OR why do I have to spend half of my Constant Conflict time staring at the little wheel go round and round and round......


Sometimes I am not in a hurry to have my question answered, and I don't want to get engaged in a telephone or chat conversation. Can't you PLEASE give me an email option for my questions????

Campaign Contributor

In the past when a valid contact was showing as "suspended" in the system (which seems to happen at least once a week), I could quickly email support and be done. Now I have to either call or take the time to deal with it via chat. The resolution may be faster (the email changes often took 24 hours, though that wasn't a problem) but communicating it to you now takes more of my time.

hello you really need some conventional email support, there are instances when calling is inconvenient
Campaign Collaborator

Thanks to the removal of email support, one of our employees spent 25+ minutes on a call to resolve an issue that was completely resolvable via email. Why are you making us work so hard to report an issue?


As one user pointed out in the forums - it is the ultimate irony that we cannot contact you via email.


Your autoresponder says nothing about the email address being a dead end. After numerous years of being a customer, it was assumed that it was still functional. Why are you making us work so hard to contact you?


The purpose of support is to navigate the many functions of a service/company and connect the user/customer with the appropriate resource. Not make them do the work and find the right department/post/forum, etc.


There is no way for this user to know when an answer has been posted because there are numerous users on this account. Without a direct connection (like email) the issue and resolution go to limbo - a very unsatisfactory outcome - more likely to result in more frustration and negative impressions.


Worth noting: When searching for "email support" nothing came up in the community. That cannot be right.

Campaign Contributor

I have an issue for which I need support, chat was unhelpful and unproductive, and I don't want to spend an hour on the phone. To whom may I send an email about my issue?

Campaign Contributor

PLEASE reinstate contacting you through email.  I do most of my work on CC at night and on weekends - when your phone lines are closed. It was SO MUCH EASIER to send an email and get a response within a day or two. 


Are you kidding!! 

I have to Tweet a support question.. email is not an option!




It would be helpful if you had a way to email questions and issues for those of us who use your product on off hours and cannot contact you during your regular business hours.


I find it incredibly ridiculous and hypocritical that an EMAIL MARKETING COMPANY does not have an email address we can use for contact.  Seriously?  A tweet?  That is beyond stupid.  It is Sunday, a day I can do some things, and yet - you are not open to take a chat, a call or provide an email for customer support.  Just cannot fathom an email company not providing customers copious email options for customer service.  Insane...



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