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Export Excel File with Questions and Total Responses Side by Side

What were you thinking? I feel ripped off. I did my first survey in Fall 2020 and a follow up this April. I had to print the screen to get a report comparable to the report I had last Fall. What junk!

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Hello everyone, 


Thanks for all the feedback. We've been continuing to work on improving our survey experience. Yesterday we released a PDF export summary report, which you can find as a new export option. This PDF summary will look quite similar to the Legacy Survey report with the bar graphs and a format that lends itself well to quick analysis.


This thread was initially for feedback on having questions and answers side by side, which prompted the CSV Summary report previously released. The recent comments have been asking for the PDF report, as well as other features you'd like to see in the survey product. Now that the PDF summary report is released, we will be marking this as implemented. If there is any additional feedback you have on how we can make further improvements to our survey product, we encourage you to start a new topic, or add your voice to one of our existing topics.

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Has anyone researched alternatives to CC? If updates are not implemented to the survey tool asap, it will be worthless to us since we can't export data in a usable way. I was hoping we had longer, but from the email yesterday the legacy tool will end in June.


We are considering leaving as well due to the survey module. We have utilized CC to track client intake information. In addition to the survey reporting being a mess the new page survey module only leaves the survey open for six months. Pretty hard to track results for a fiscal year if the survey maximum is six months! If someone finds a good alternative to CC please post!


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I understand CC wanting to streamline the survey feature, but I feel it's been stripped of so many nice features offered on the Legacy survey platform. 1. The pdf export to a bar chart summary is gone. This report was a nice snapshot of results for our managers. Now I have to screenshoot each question and throw in another document to create this summary. 2) The csv file exports as a mess, with the questions in backwards order. It took me hours to clean up. Plus the question is repeated for every survey respondent. The Legacy export of this document was organized in the manner of the survey, listed the question(s) once, listed the question(s) in order, and then the responses - a much cleaner export. 3) Additionally, the Legacy csv export had two tabs. There was a summary tab in which I would take the organized data and make pie charts for the managers. The new survey feature no longer includes that tab and information in the export. The new survey platform reporting feature is very disappointing.

For us the greatest value provided by Contact Contact was the way the results of the responses to the surveys we sent were formatted. All responses from a recipient were on a single row and so it made for easy comparison. The new format has a operate row for every response from every respondent, this is not functional from our perspective and we will have to revaluate using the service.
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new survey

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @R.C.Hagen we're always open to ways we can better our user's experience! How can we assist you with the updated survey campaigns in your account.? Having any further details you can share allows us to properly track your feedback with our Product Team.

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Making them work properly would be a good start. We have our first survey in the new survey tool and overall responses are not showing or downloadable. I've been in touch with support and although helpful they say there's no fix and other customers are experiencing the same thing. Not impressed. 


Reporting results from surveys using the new tool is a nightmare. I just spent my morning putting the totally unusable results (no PDF summary, no usable spreadsheet with a "details" tab to read comments) into a Word document of my own making to share with my board/conference director. No way I would send a list of over 2000 line items with absolutely no way to make heads nor tails of it to my client, so why is Constant Contact giving me such a rotten result? Whoever decided this survey tool was ready for prime time and pulled the trigger should lose his or her job. Anyone can see that CC has missed the most important part of a survey - sharing the results with others. I can't believe this is happening. Do I start shopping for another email marketing product and steer my client associations in a different direction. A total debacle. This shouldn't have happened, someone was asleep at the wheel. 

Why did you change the way the survey results come out when you export them? They no longer come out like a normal Excel file where you can easily sort and work with the data?

The new survey export format is not helpful and actually has created ADDITIONAL work for me instead of making it easier. It exports into excel which is great, but all of the responses are showing up in two columns (portrait)instead of each question being in each column (horizontal). I used to be able to sort the spreadsheet in different ways based on different answers (like if someone selected a certain date for training). The way you have it now is completely unusable. HOW could this change have been thought of as a good idea? I don't see how it would work for anyone? There isn't even space between each person who answered the survey, so everyones answers are all jumbled together. Crazy!

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