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Formatting Flexibility and Tools

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Please give us some more formatting capability.


 Let's start with the easiest: copy format... it would save so much time, not having to make manual changes to every part of the email that I want to change the formatting for.


Blank line formatting - to be able to make a blank line the font size I want so that I can manage the visual impact that line spacing allows you.  Having a different amount of line space after a section heading vs between paragraphs, etc.


There are more, but that's a good place to start.  Thanks

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Hello @JamesH8805 ,


Can you please elaborate on what you're looking to do in regards to "copying formatting," that isn't already available via the Design tab formatting defaults you can set, the ability to duplicate entire rows of blocks, and the recent colors functions?


If you want to have different blank spacing between headers and body text, have you considered having them in separate blocks, and using spacer blocks between, which can have more precise amounts of space? Is there a specific functionality of having line-spacing formattable blank lines that spacer blocks don't accomplish?

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Hi and thank you for your thoughts.  Here's what I mean...


  • Copying Formatting - I'm not talking about general formatting for an entire email.  I'm talking about having the quick option to copy the format of one element and changing the formatting to be the same for another area of the email.  For example, if I want to change the font color for several headings from black to blue, and the font size from 16 to 20 and regular to bold.  Instead of selecting each heading and manually changing the text color and font size, I simple select the example I want, hit a "copy style" button and then go to each heading, select it and it takes changes the formatting to what I want.  It's like the "copy formatting" button in MS Word, Powerpoint, etc.


  • Line spacing - what you suggest as an option would certainly work.  Having said that, it takes a whole lot of effort to do something that should be very easy.  So, for example, I have a paragraph that completes a section of  my email.  I hit enter twice and it creates a an empty line space.  I type in a heading and hit enter twice again and produce another line space.  BUT, they're the same size space.  It's a very clunky way to design you email.  Good design would have a larger space between the end of the last section than between the new heading and the new text of the next paragraph.  It makes is so much easier to read and to understand the structure of the email.


  • Bulleting - same thing here.  It's much easier to read bulleted text if there is a small space between the end of one bullet and the beginning of the next.  I can do that (as above), but it's way too big a space because I can't control the font size of the empty line.  I usually use a 3-5 pt space between bulleted content.  
    • Also, the space between one bullet and another should be less than the space between the last bullet and the next section of text, just as I mentioned above for the regular line spacing.

Maybe I'm naive and these basic MS Word-type capabilities are either not possible or way to hard to provide to us.  But it sure would make for a better design and a whole lot easier. 

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