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Setup the photo library into two parts - one part general and the other frequently used where I can dump the mastheads and any other photos I use regularly - so don't have to scroll through the entire library to change out my mastheads.


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How has the feature to sort the date column still not been added almost 2 years later?


We were considering getting rid of our FTP and using CC to host all of our images, however after looking in our library and wanting to delete old images to make more room - I came across this thread when trying to figure out how to sort our library by date. Entering a date range is an obnoxious option.


And if the CC employees comment back that our comment has been "merged this post into a larger thread focused on having the ability to sort libraries that have more than 1,000 files in it." - AT LEAST GIVE US A LINK TO THAT THREAD! So we can comment over there also and follow that thread for updates.


Until there is away to sort and delete old images we won't be able to use CC to host our images.

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If I understand correctly, the sorting options available in the Library at this time are not available in accounts with more than 1,000 files in it.
Reverse chronological order would really help.
In addition, hitting 'show more' for ten images at a time is very time consuming.


Hard to believe how substandard our ability is to delete old images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So apparently the 'Sort by Date' option is only available to accounts with less than 1,000. Seems it would make more sense to offer this ability to those of us with full libraries we are trying to clear out. As others have stated, clicking the 'show more' button hundreds of times to get to the end [or in my case, it just gives up loading new pages] is not realistic. Not to mention, as others have stated when you do delete files the page reloads and you get moved back to the top of the list again. Why can't we even just have page numbers to choose to 'jump to' with a 'first' and 'last' option also.


Hi everyone


There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. We apologize, while we may not have a time estimate for this feature request,  We are updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback.


As for comments that are merged into a thread - the good news is a user originally commented on a different feature request thread we do include that link in our reply. It is only cases where a user creates a new singular request thread that is merged as a comment without a link to refer to.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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It would be helpful if we can list the documents and images chronologically from the oldest to the newest. This option is not available.
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Please provide options for sorting images. This is so frustrating. With so many images in the library, it is no easy task to sort and delete them as necessary. So many people have repeatedly asked for this option. The only reason I can assume you don't offer it is you want to push people to purchase more storage. Why are you not listening and responding to your long-time users? 

your library is very hard to edit. if I add an image to another folder, I am returned to the top of the list, rather than where I left off. also, it would be better if one could move the file, not copy to a folder, so we don't have 2 copies of every image. Also, you could have more images per 'page' so I don't have to hit 'more' all the time. Also, could we sort by name? or lots of other things? a way to find duplicate images would be nice too but they likely have different names so that might be asking a lot. maybe a large matrix of images, so we can click on the dupes and delete.

I agree.  Drop down shows approximately  5 folders - no way to scroll in drop down and the search doesn't work correctly.  This should be a simple and required field to supply to those who use constant c on a monthly basis.  Causes frustration every time.  Disappointed that so many have mentioned this with no attention to the matter.

Is there a way to search the library better? Not just 10 at a time starting at the most recent. I'd like to start at the oldest so I can start removing some old files I don't need. However, I have to click through 10 at a time to get later in the calendar. Does that make sense? Thanks!
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