Multi Domain DKIM Authentication



It would be great to have the ability to authenticate multiple domains using DKIM. Our school operates multiple divisions, each with their own domain name. I would love the ability to authenticate from all of them as opposed to just one. I'm sure other people would be interested in this feature as well. 



Status changed to: Acknowledged

I am also in favor of this feature. We are a management company with several brands.


I am a solo entrepreneur with several websites for different projects, ie., books, courses, online community, and main website. 


After purchasing multiple domains and corresponding emails, I am beyond disappointed to find I cannot authenticate more than one. Very discouraging.


Please add this ability as soon as possible. I see people have been asking for more than 2 years. it's probably time to do it. I can't afford additional accounts just for that.

Thanks for your consideration.

Claudia Klann



Let me ad our business to the list that needs this feature. Very surprised it is not available atthis price per month.


We have an entertainment complex with 4 restaurants, one event center, and one concert hall. All the same business just using

different email domains. Tried recently to get this set up but can only self-auth one domain ?????? Very disapointed. 


Is it asking to much to get an answer on if and when this feature will be on the roadmap and implemented. Your answer has not changed

in 3 years from what I see.


Getting seperate accounts for each would cost us 6x the money for an already expensive (but useful) product.


Please give us a real answer and no more of the same no response.


I would like this feature too.  We are one business with several websites.  This would be very handy.  I believe some of your competitors do this already?


We also need this feature since we currently have multiple domains for our business. What's the progress on this? Have you even started estimating the effort of adding this? Please share feedback.


Adding another request for this feature. We are a trade body and have several domains which cover different areas of our work. Being able to add DKIM to all of them when using Constant Contact would be a great benefit in ensuring our members receive the information they have subscribed to receive.


I also need for one of my customers, who uses 2 different domains to target 2 different category of customers. Thank you for working on it!


I would like to echo the comments already made on this topic.  It would be incredibly useful for our company as well - especially now that authentication is being required by the system.  

We are a holding group with a few different operating entities - separate logos, brands, products.  

We are unfortunately at this time, going to be looking for alternative services that have multi domain support.  

This is not a new need, and despite our long relationship with Constant Contact and its platform, with the authentication issue, we realize that we will be unable to use multi domain emails to send, without setting off red flags. 

Having separate user accounts (which... if that is a business move to double down on subscriptions... I could understand that) - is not efficient for our business, as it would require the "recreation" of all communications, and management of all contact lists, in up to 7 different accounts.  Rather than copy / update. 

It is not feasible. 

Wish this feature would be considered higher on your list.   

Recently, Constant Contact made an update to their domain authentication process, which now only allows for a single domain to be associated with each account. As a company with multiple divisions, this presents a problem for us, as each division has its own unique customers and email domains. With this new update, our customers may not recognize our emails as being from our company, and this could result in them unsubscribing or marking our emails as spam.


Unfortunately, the solution Constant Contact has provided is to simply create multiple accounts, which would be a costly and unnecessary expense. Prior to this update, we had no issues with our emails being recognized and trusted by our customers.


Due to these issues, we are now considering other email marketing platforms that will allow us to maintain our direct company branding and ensure that our customers continue to receive our messages without interruption. In today's world, where cyber security and safe email communication are paramount, we cannot afford to compromise on the trust and reliability to our customers.


In order to remain a Constant Contact customer, we would recommend that multiple email authentications allowed per account, delay the newer update until multiple email authentications issue can be resolved, or allow for waived fees on new accounts for individuals experiencing this issue. 

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