Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option


Thank you for the feedback @BonnieW15,


Was there anything in specific you were looking for that we don't have?

Same templates for about some new ones!
it appears the number of ready to use templates has been diminished a great deal, very disappointing

Would love to see some new email templates!

Please create more themes.

Dear Constant Contact Team,


I have been a Constant Contact Subscriber for over 8 years now. I am a nonprofit subscriber and I do the best with our very limited budgets. I have also for a number of years received recognition for the good response rates on my emails.


For the most part I have been happy with your service and products. While some of my friends have made the switch to MailChimp, I have remained believing that your reputation and innovation has been excellent in the past. 


This recent holiday season however, I began to be unsatisfied. When I went to design my usual Christmas email, I noticed there were no new templates to work off. The Christmas or holiday templates were the same ones from 3 or 4 years prior. In my opinion, your designers need to do better. I have also noticed that there are very few new templates being designed each year. Furthermore you advertise that the design team can design a personalized template for a cost of $150... which in my nonprofit circles is a ridiculous price. I am paying monthly membership when most mail chimp clients are joining for free and I have begun to question whether Constant Contact is serving me in the best way possible. 


My feedback today, is to encourage more innovation in the email templates and for your team to do better in providing up to date designs for us to use... one's that don't require a $150 price tag to buy.



Kerry Wiens




In general, I as well have noticed that the Constant Contact team is poor in giving us new up to date templates for our emails. I did end up having to convert a remembrance day template into a Christmas one this year, because I had used the existing ones in previous years. I have friends using mail chimp for free who seem to get more creative layouts than clients of Constant Contact. Time for the team to step up!

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback @KerryW31,


Aside from additional Holiday templates, are there any other kinds of templates you'd like to see that we don't offer?  Additionally-- check your message inbox as I'm going to send you some information about custom templates.


Thank you.

please add more modern templates! thanks
Brand Visionary

I was frustrated about the templates, too, and found browsing for a template really difficult. I'm more of a "I'll just look until I find the right one" kind of person, so searching by tags takes almost as long as just scrolling through. 
I wish that templates were a little more streamlined and easier to edit as a whole.  Right now, you pick a template and then edit each individual piece of it to customise it.  I'd rather preview a base-design template, and then get a pop-up with a brief slideshow of transformations of that template with different colour palettes and individual company branding.  Then instead of going straight to the current editor page where I have to edit each individual piece, I get a page that suggests a branding customisation (for example, a pre-made colour palette featuring the company logo and colours from that logo), maybe a chance to make company logo header that gets automatically added to any template I open, and a way to change the layout of the template as a whole (I like the colour scheme, I like the header and footer options, but I want to switch from newsletter style text blocks to a set of three images with text underneath each image) in one click. That way instead of having a limited number of Christmas-themed templates (which means almost every email looks EXACTLY THE SAME), we could add a variety of Christmas palettes and images that are automatically formatted to that template so that each company's Christmas emails look a little different and can still feature company branding. 

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