Replacement for Online Google Docs to Collect PreOrders and Payment for PreOrders

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I currently use Online Google Docs to collect Preorders and payment for preorders for my novels that I sell at book conventions, fairs, and other events. I offer a discounted price for the orders, and the reader collects the prepaid books at the event. I can add their email address to my contact list manually, but google docs are not very flexible and have a clunky look. 


I'd love a replacement for Google Docs preorder forms that I can post online on the book fair event group for readers on Facebook. Besides the seamless integration with my contact list, the nicer forms will stand out in the crowd of authors with preorders!

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Hello @WobblyCreek,

Have you ever tried creating an event campaign to try to accomplish this task? 
Find out more on how to create an Event here.

Would you be able to tell me a bit more about your idea and how you would expect to be able to have it in Constant Contact?


Google Docs is used by authors prior to a Book Fair to pre-sell books. Readers can pre-order a book at a normally discounted price if they pay before the Book Fair or Conference event. If the reader doesn't want to prepay, but wants to reserve a book, it helps the author know how many books to transport to the Book Fair or Conference. Here's the link to the form. It's live, so don't order a book unless you mean it because you will break my heart.


Link to a Google Doc form for the August 2019 Indie BookFest in Orlando Florida


The form collects the name and email. I also include the question for the reader to opt in or to decline subscribing to my newsletter. There is no integration, so I enter their name and email manually if they opt in. 


The form lists all of my books for sale and the cost if prepaid or if preordered. The reader selects the books and submits the form. The reader receives a copy of their response. It is possible for the reader to edit their responses later, although that is a setting the author establishes. 


The major advantage I can see with having it in Constant Contact is the integration with my subscriber list. Also I could add it to my website as a permanent feature for readers to order signed books. And they can opt in (or decline) being included on my Constant Contact mailing list.




I have not tried to create an Event. I'll see if that works.

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