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Hi - Our weekly newsletter sometimes contains long links. It would be so much easier to evaluate our data if you'd turn the line on the link. Or make it a table with moveable cells, or offer a downloadable CSV table.


Hi @MorrisCountyNJ


Where in your account are you looking for any option? The URL displayed under the email details reporting page does wrap down to a second line when viewing by URL or by click. Also, does exporting your reporting into Excel help fit your needs?

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I'm looking at Click Through Distribution. My long links don't wrap (Windows 10), so if a long link slips in, I have to use the slider at the bottom of the data set to view the number of clicks, and then I can't see the URL. Our emails can have 30 links or more.

Thanks for your help 


Hi @MorrisCountyNJ


Can you share a screenshot of how the URLs are appearing for you? This is a helpful detail for us to have.

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I just discovered this page where I can see all the links in my email and which were most popular. The only problem is that even on a 17" screen and using full screen mode, I can't see the stats and the website link at the same time. Some links are very long, but most are fairly short. Can you shorten the width of the link portion so that the stats can be seen at the same time, without having to scroll back and forth? Thanks.
Hi there, I was wondering if you coud make the column where the links area listed narrow (with a scroll bar) so that you could see the links as well as the column number of clicks those links got in one screen. When we use utm codes, some of the links get very long, meaning you have to scroll so far over to the end of the longest link to see the next column that once you can see the number of clicks column, you can no longer see what the links are in the adjacent column. I wish I could attach a screenshot to show you...that would be my other feedback is to allow screenshot uploads :smileyface: Thanks for listening!!
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Why did you change the report so that we have to now scroll across the screen to see the results? We need to see the results in ONE screen, like you always had it before. 

If this is a permanent change, then give us the ability to download an Excel report of the Click-Through Distribution report. As it displays now, the report is unusable.

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