Select more than one list on landing page

The "improved" landing page no longer allows for the selection of multiple lists.  This seems to be such a basic feature that I am surprised that it was taken away without an alternative being provided.  It will really limit the use of the landing page feature in our upcoming events.

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Hi @DeBorahB802 where in your account are you looking to add an additional field? What are the steps you are taking to attempt to add this field?


On the landing page sign up form. Just want to be able for them to say which program they're signing up for since I have several this form will be used for. 

I'd like to set up a lead generation page that has checkboxes where people can choose which of our email lists they want to subscribe to. The inline sign-up box has that option, but the lead generation page only lets you select one list.
Please add back the ability to opt into multiple email lists on the new landing page lead gen builder. It still works as a legacy tool, but I can't create new pages - only edit existing ones.
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On Landing Page sign-up forms, it looks like I can't have check boxes to indicate that people want to sign up for multiple lists. That was a feature of the legacy sign-up forms that was incredibly useful.
i am not seeing the capability for contacts to join multiple lists...i could do this on the old landing pages

Please add the ability to subscribe to multiple lists to the lead generation page. It's impractical (and untenable) not to be able to do this on at least one of the new signup forms.


Ah! I am looking for something similar... I want to give users option to signup to multiple newsletters from one landing page.


but it seems the feature is not available as of yet but the good thing is; I am not the only one looking for it and maybe they will consider adding it soon.


But, what were the workarounds you used? if you don't mind telling me....

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Being able to select more than one list is a requirement for our organization since we have multiple affinity groups and would like to give subscribers the chance to self-select their interest.


Rolling out a bunch of newsletters and lists this year. Could really use this!! The "update profile" feature is okay, but hard to find and less useful than if it were paired with this option. The old landing pages look pretty outdated.

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