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I want to turn off the link tracking in my emails. Many of my subscribers can't open the linkds because their email provider sees them as a security risk--especially for Gmail addresses. If that's the case, this service is not useful for linking to events and information pages, which is why we are using it. How can I turn the tracking off?

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For clarity, r20 links are used as intermediate URLs to accurately track what links are being clicked by your contacts so they can show correctly in your reporting. Other large email marketing providers use this same method with their own types of link tracking.


Would love to be able to turn off tracking as needed.  We are in the middle of a campaign asking for customer feedback.  We have a link that sends the reader to a form that gets prepopulated with their name and email address.  The tracking link breaks the variables that need to pass through to the form so they have to enter them manually.  We want to make it as easy as possible for the user to accomplish this.  Unfortunately, as long as tracking is enabled, it breaks our original link.


This is the link that ends up NOT passing name and email address to our form:


The ability to turn off Constant Contact's default link tracking domain and implement our own custom tracking domain is a feature we would also like to see.


There is no reason to not allow compliant, custom link tracking domains if customers are able to implement them. This lack of flexibility causes significant issues with many users clicking on our links, because the domain of the links does not match our website domain. Many customers have reported in this and other Community threads. We have no ability to make any changes to better reach these users. The mismatch between our own domain and the "r20.rs6.net" domain will always cause problems.


Is there a way to allow exemptions to this rule for accounts that can demonstrate the ability to implement their own custom tracking domain? We used to be able to turn off link tracking in Constant Contact anyway, so I'm not sure why that needed to change.

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I can't believe that this is still pending two years later. Please address this immediately, or give an option to use custom tracking domains for those that know how to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC.


The r20.rs6.net domain has been blacklisted on several services, and is affecting all Constant Contact senders reputations with email recipients. 



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Hi one of our readers sent this screenshot from his company IT department explaining why they have blacklisted anything with a link starting rs6.net..!

Campaign Collaborator

And here we are - 2024 - still not fixed. Still being blocked. Still destroying client confidence.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we will not be offering the ability to turn off link tracking. There is a security risk with this request. The feature could be exploited by accounts who send spam and malware and we would not be able to break the link.

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