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It would be nice to have a link made available for us to use for "Update Profile Form". Currently, there is only a link for "Sign-Up Form". If I want to send a message out to my database asking them to review and update their profile, I have to use the "Sign-Up Form" link which is miss-leading and requires our customers to sign up for the lists again before it recognizes them as already being in the system. Adding the "Update Profile Form" link to the sign up tools will allow us to place only the update info inside of a message and making the system easier or use and not confusing to the customers.


Just adding my opinion - I see the Update my Profile in landing pages, but I can't get a link like I can for the regular sign-up. It has been four years since someone asked for this very simple feature, yet I don't see a solution. What are you plans for fixing? 

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Seems like this should be combined with this request. The lack of combining them makes me think that no one is keeping an eye on these requests. So unfortunate.. Would bring Constant Contact up to par with other email providers.

When a contact clicks the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails, that should bring up a form that we can customize, so they can remove themselves from specific email types (Newsletters, press releases, etc.). The update profile link isn't ideal since, first, you have to receive a whole other email in order to make any changes and second, the only options are to unsubscribe fully or keep receiving emails. Not great functionality. Would like to see this improved.

 Hey @KirstenD300, thanks for your feedback! Per the Can Spam Act we are required to provide a one-click unsubscribe option for recipients of emails. Due to this, adding a form into the unsubscribe process would unfortunately cause a breach in the Can Spam Act. In regards to the update profile email, I've added your feedback to this thread as we're working on collecting feedback on this specific issue. 


The technology to request your contacts to update their information through an email is available, however constant contact does not make it available to their customers. If they can click at the footer which automatically send them an update profile email, then the technology is there. 


Also as you see the employees only answered to questions that are not related to update profile as the main email, but rather the unsubscribed questioned. They are aware and for some reason do not want us to be able to distribute this to our contacts in one blast.


It's interesting to know their motivation that drives this decision.


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How is this not an option?!?!?!?

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It is absolutely insane that this is not a core feature. And it is making my life very difficult right now!!

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This thread was started almost five years ago. Gmail literally hides email footers by default now as a feature. 


I am trying to get people - our donors, our most valued people - to update their contacts so that we can issue tax receipts. Right now, the ask will have to sound something like this:


"Hi there X, please update your address so you can get your tax receipt. To do this, please scroll to the bottom of this email and click the button to view the footer. Then, click the "update your profile" link. Then click "Submit" on the new window that opens. Then wait for another email - check your spam folder and Promotions tab! Then, click the link in *that* email and update your info and click submit."


That is PREPOSTEROUS and the fact that Constant Contact clearly doesn't care about this means we will almost certainly be switching providers sometime in 2020. Too bad!!

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I inherited a large database of contacts, some of which have bad email addresses and a lot have out-of-date mailing addresses.  It doesn't make sense to send an 'Update Profile' email when the email addresses are incorrect.  There should be a link that we can add to our Web Page and Facebook Page that allows people to view their Profile and make changes if necessary.  


I need to verify the information I have for members, and it would be helpful to be able to take the form that is in the footer of emails and send it directly to the members. If it had a merge data feature and could pull what information is currently being used on the profile so they can then update accordingly would be very useful. It is difficult to get people to re-update the existing profile information if something as simple as a phone number changed. 

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