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Hello, I have some ideas that I am hoping you can implement in the social media campaigns. 1. After a post is scheduled, have a button to schedule another post. Right now there are only options to still interact with that post and I have to go to a different page to create a new one. 2. If we have a post that is multiple images, could we either have a push notification, or Sked Social has been able to figure out how to automatically post an Instagram carousel so perhaps there is software you could also adapt. I would greatly appreciate any work you can put forth in these aspects. Thank you.

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It would be AMAZING if there was a "new" button or a "create" button on the scheduling page so that I don't have to keep going back and back and back to the social tab for every post. Sometimes I have 5 things I've gotten approval to post to our social medias and I have to continuously reload the Social page, slowing down my work. It would be SO helpful to have a "new" or "create" button right at the top next to the "copy" button after you've scheduled something. 


Also - default to "schedule for later" instead of "post now" for social posts. I don't know a single marketer who "posts now". 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @CathyR17930 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.




I find myself scheduling out social posts for clients and doing them one at a time is extremely time consuming. I tend to recycle about 80 posts that I cycle through. What would be extremely helpful is an import function. For example I could have an Excel spreadsheet with all the necessary information (post date, post time, text, link, hashtags, image url) that I could create and then import to your system which would then schedule these out. Hootsuite has something like this that makes it extremely efficient.


I'd be happy to chat more if you have questions.

Thank you!



I've used another tool before for social media posting and it would be great to have something similar implemented for Constant contact.


For each day of the week you were able to specify the time that a post would be pushed out so once you had it ready you would just select 'Add to Queue' and it would go out at the times for that day.


For example. Monday's posting times would be 9:30am, 2:03PM and 8:47PM. If I had a post ready for three social media profiles when I select 'Add to Queue' it then randomly applies to each of the three social media account posts to one of the scheduled times. This could be different for each day of the week.


This way your posts aren't all posted to all your social media profiles at the same time.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @MichaelJ931 thanks for sharing these ideas! These are great feature requests we have tracked and submitted on your behalf. We have also opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well. 

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I'd like to schedule my social posts out for more than just one time. Where are the instructions for how schedule them for more than once? Thank you.

Hello @MarshaS9. At this time, posts will need to be scheduled individually. We have a feature request open for the ability to create multiple posts at once so I will merge your post there. 

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One should not have to scroll down everyday to each one to add additional times a day. or days. One should be able to click on the date on the calendar and up or down the arrow there. Also not have to go all the way to each post, to then have to go back up to see if it worked or not. NOT SMART !
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I don't like it because I can only schedule one posting at a time. Before, on one screen I could choose when I want it to repost. This is much worse!
I used to be able to schedule my posts to run all week or month....now I'm limited to one time? So I have to recreate this over and over?
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