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i need to add contacts into an existing list. there is now no intuitive or clear way to pull that off. please switch it back to the way you had it, that was much easier to work with! (at least in this regard) thanks. d
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Hi @DawnD654 where in your contacts are you looking to do this? Are you trying to add contacts while in the list view?


it's really super cumbersome. if i'm trying to add in an existing contact onto another list, it doesn't populate that contact's email from prior use. i have to go back and either copy and then paste it in to the new list, or go back and manually type it in. If I try to do it by going into the contact's name and adding them to a new list, it won't let me do that with any sort of ease. The new system is really not ready to be rolled out-- way too many issues with this, massive waste of time. Will be considering another platform if this isn't resolved in a  timely fashion.

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Hi @DawnD654. It's been a bit since we began working with you and we hope that navigating your contacts has become easier. You can add existing contacts to a new list by editing the contact record or managing the contact's list membership. We are going to "close" this idea for now. If you wish to have other types of functionality or different features to make navigating your account easier, we encourage you to create a new post.

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