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I used to be able to wildcard (*) search. No more. This is a big problem. If I have "Company A" and "Company B", I can no longer search (*B) and find company B.... is there a way to revert?

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Hi @NoahG575 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! This is a feature request we are currently collecting feedback on. Because of this we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well. In the meantime we would suggest pulling these contacts through our segments feature instead.

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Yeah, my example was just that... the 'company' info is different for every single user, so I need a better way to search/sort.

Hi there, I need to report on the number of contacts added to various lists in our database each month and over the year as part of my job. I can no longer pull reports to do that because you've removed the advanced search feature from the contacts management page. Having to download anexcel document just to get a number (i.e. 64 contacts were added to Store Sign-up Jackson) was manual enough, but now I HAVE TO COUNT LINES ON MY FREAKING COMPUTER SCREEN. I'm blown away. Why would you take this feature away????
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