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Programming glitch with iPhone

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Programming glitch with iPhone

Hi, I just wanted to report on a programming glitch with iPhone. I have reported this before but it is still a problem. If you look at the newsletter we sent out today for Slow Money Central Virginia, called March News, the last three items have a different looking font when viewed on an iPhone. This, despite the fact that the font is the exact same in the newsletter set-up. It also reads correctly on a desktop. It is frustrating and I'd love to see this problem fixed. Thank you! Michael Reilly

Re: Programming glitch with iPhone

Hi @MichaelR4963 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! After taking a look at your most recent campaign I was able to replicate this same experience. Are you copying and pasting from an outside source? Which email client are you using on your iPhone (default mail app, Gmail, etc.)? These details are helpful to have as we are still troubleshooting this experience. In cases where the text on a mobile device is smaller than shown in the editor, we suggest copying and pasting the affected text into a new text block. Doing this allows the text to remain the default size. You can see this change through the Support Copy available in your account.

Frankie P.
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