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Question of the Week: How do you plan to evolve your social media strategy in the future?

Trends are always changing, and it’s important to adjust your strategy over time to stay competitive. Constant Contact makes it easy to create posts and track the success of your social media accounts with the Social Posts and Monitoring tool. Here are some social marketing trends that are becoming more and more relevant in 2024:

  • Long-form video content is making a comeback. Even on previously short-form only platforms like TikTok, users are now regularly watching videos that are over 1 minute long.

  • Social commerce works! Beyond the typical influencer strategy, customers are increasingly becoming more comfortable buying directly from social platforms, like TikTok Shop, or utilizing shopping options in the Instagram feed.

  • Authenticity is important. Consumers are looking for authenticity and are no longer impressed with overly staged scenes or scripted dialog.


What do you think? Have you observed the growth of any of these trends? What strategies have resulted in strong social media engagement for your brand?
Campaign Collaborator

We're honing in on authenticity. We're committed to fostering real, meaningful interactions with our audience. This means showcasing the human side of our brand, sharing authentic stories, and actively engaging with our followers in conversations that matter.

We're prioritizing community building. Social media isn't just a platform for broadcasting messages; it's a space for building communities and nurturing relationships. We're focusing on fostering a sense of belonging among our followers, whether through hosting live Q&A sessions, facilitating user-generated content initiatives, or creating exclusive groups.


Hi @user71174,

I love this approach and completely agree with you. Social media offers the unique opportunity to connect with people all over the world, but it's often used as a bulletin board.

It’s not easy to build real community,  but it’s worth it. Thanks for sharing!

Community Coach

As long form video seems to be making a comeback, one trend I've noticed is to take a longer video and pull a "trailer" version (short version). This allows you to use the long version in your marketing while also having the short version as a "teaser" to use in spots where shorter video works... perhaps the call to action is even to keep watching on x,y,z channel or landing page. Iv'e seen this done often with podcasts and interviews.

Aaron Wesley Means

ACTIVATE Business Solutions

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