Introducing the new and improved Idea boards!


Hello everyone!


Our Ideas boards are a unique place where we hear directly from customers about improvements they would like to see in our product. Not many companies have this area for conversations and it's something we are proud of! The Ideas boards (as we call them) have been around for a very long time, starting in 2014. If you have been around since then, you know we've made some major changes to the product with the introduction of features such as mobile-responsive templates, enhancements to our cross-platform editor, and modernized sign-up forms. It's time to make improvements here as well.


In recent years, we’ve heard from customers they haven’t felt like their feedback has been heard or taken into account. The statuses we used were unclear and did not provide a clear process of how our product team works internally. From our end, we truly apologize for the length of time it has taken us to make changes and provide realistic updates for you all. Transparency has been lacking as well. This year, we've taken it upon ourselves to revamp the board, which includes new statuses more accurately reflecting how we are handling feature requests and the impacts they have on your experience when working in your account.


Over the next couple of months, we have redefined and created new statuses providing insight into how we address your feedback and what our teams are working on.


  • New - This is the default status for all new ideas coming in which have not been addressed by our team (yet). All "New" ideas will be updated and changed to a more appropriate status listed below, merged into an existing request thread, or moved to another area of the Feedback board.

  • Clarifying - If an idea is unclear or vague and we are unable to take action on it right away. Some examples of these posts are "I don't like this change" or "It's hard to work in my account.” The feedback moderator will ask questions to the poster and request more clarification, which will allow us to move it to a different status. If the user responds to questions through a notification email, we will add them as a comment and update the status of the idea, if possible. Posts will remain in this status for up to a week and if there has been no reply, we will close the idea.

    Note: this status requires some work and time from our end and yours. To avoid having you come back to the Community, please be very clear about what changes you would like to see in a specific area of your account (ie. creating a campaign or downloading a report) and how you would use this feature. There is no such thing as too much information.

  • Gathering Information: At first glance, this status sounds similar to Clarifying. In this case, we have most of what we need to at least understand the idea, but we want additional input from you or other customers who comment on the idea. Maybe you are requesting a specific campaign report we don’t have, and we’re curious what you would use the report for to make it more worthwhile. Again, give us as much info as you can so we can address your idea quickly. Like Clarifying, posts will remain in this status for up to a week and if there has been no reply, we will close the idea.

  • Acknowledged: This will be used to indicate an idea is at least “on our radar”. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness we have heard your feedback and it could be taken under consideration for a future release.

  • Under Consideration: Our product & engineering teams have either researched this or have a ticket in the backlog to consider this feature. Like the status above, we can’t guarantee any commitment to releasing this feature or improvement.

  • Planned: We have intentions to deliver on an idea in no specific time frame. We fully acknowledge plans can (and do) change and this status is not to be considered a guarantee.

  • Not Currently Planned: This will replace some feedback with Closed - No Action or Closed - Not Enough Votes statuses we have used in the past. This is reserved for ideas not currently planned to be implemented. This could be due to low traction (as determined by the Community team), or if an idea gets enough traction where an update is warranted to the poster and commenters to let them know the idea isn’t on the roadmap currently. The latter will be a manual decision by the product team. This isn't necessarily a “closed” status, this means we may still implement the feedback at a future date.

  • Closed - Not Enough Information: Will be used for ideas in Clarifying or Gathering Information status never receiving a response from the original poster within 30 days to keep the area tidy. The poster will be encouraged to post a new idea with the requested information.

  • Closed - Does Not Meet Idea Requirements: This status will be set when reviewing our New or Clarifying ideas, keeping in mind our Idea Guidelines.

  • Closed - Implemented: We're keeping this status as is. Either an issue was fixed in the product or we decided to implement a feature request. Woohoo!


One process we are not changing is how you show interest in a proposed feature. Your votes and comments have weight. We encourage you to click the thumbs-up button (referred to as Kudos) or comment on posts.


We are grateful for having customers who see the potential growth of our product and engage in conversations with us and fellow users. Thank you for giving us the chance to improve this special area!



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