An email that didn't send/only sent to few on the group list

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I sent an email to our entire organization on March 16th at 3:30pm.  The stats suggest that it was successfully sent to the entire list.  Only a few people received it. The only reason we know is that a married couple reported spouse had received the email while the other had not. There was a 2nd email sent at 4pm that everyone seems to have received.   I did a random poll of people on our list and some reported having received both while many reported having received only the 2nd one.   I don't think this has ever happened before and I hope you can look into it to make sure it never happens again.  It was quite a crucial communication.  I ended up resending the first to the original list at 6pm -- I believe more received that.  Please let me know what you discover and let me know if you need additional information --- Julie Campbell     

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Hi @JulieC1365. Looking at the email sent on the 16th, there is a very high open rate and few bounces, which means the emails were sent successfully and opened by most of your list. If there are a few people who didn't receive it, it could be a case of their security system moving the email into a different inbox or blocking it. I recommend contacting our Delivery team with examples of contacts that did not receive the email so we can further investigate.


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I have had the same issue and CC told me that it was solved. I still am not receiving the email (i'm on the list) and several people have reported not getting the email despite the fact that these people normally receive every email we send.

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Hi @LizzieW0, I think like Caitlin suggested it would be best if you spoke with our Delivery specialists directly. We would need to know things like the domain of the email addresses, to see if there are any common denominators that might be impacting them. If you don't want to call in, we can set up a callback case for you. 

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