Bulleted / Numbered List overlaps text-wrapped image

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Normally photos in text boxes have default padding, and contour with the text usually leaving adequate space between image and copy. The problems is if the text is bulleted copy. The bulletes abut the image without any padding. Is there a fix for this?

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Hi @BrianJ557. I'm not able to replicate the same issue in my account when adding an image to a bulleted text block to have the text wrap around the image or inserting a text block either to the immediate left/right or below the image. Do you have an example or screenshot of how this looks and the steps you took leading up to the padding not working correctly?


Caitlin M.
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The problem is the bullets are abutting the image. See the example. This would be solved if we could control padding for images INSIDE the text box -- this should be a no-brainer.

As you know, the blue line is the perimeter of the image. No space between image and bullets.


Bullets Abutting Image.png


Thank you for providing that example image, @BrianJ557 . I was able to recreate the issue, and did some additional troubleshooting with our higher level technical team. They'll be taking over the case for further investigation, and should be following up by email within the next 4 business days.


In the meantime, the only workaround that would avoid this would be to either not text wrap the image (i.e. have in its own column or row), or not to use the bullet points / numbered list setup.

William A
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