Casual Conversation: What is your favorite hobby?


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Every first Wednesday of the month we want to take a moment out of our day to break from the hustle and bustle of online marketing and open discussion up to subjects that have less to do with emails, events, and landing pages and more to do with... everything else!


Now sometimes we might skirt the line between business and pleasure in our topics of conversation, but ultimately we know how hard y'all are working and it's fun to think about something other than work every once in awhile.




One of my more recent pieces, based on a video game character.One of my more recent pieces, based on a video game character.

I’d like to think everyone has a favorite hobby. An activity they enjoy doing outside of their professional and personal responsibilities. Maybe that hobby turned into a full-time gig, or it’s just the way you enjoy passing time on the weekends.


I’ve mentioned my enthusiasm for art in a few posts lately, so it’s no surprise that I would say it’s my favorite hobby!


I drew a lot as a kid (terribly), but let the (meager) skills flounder for more than ten years before I found myself stuck at home during the early days of the pandemic. I randomly decided to try my hand at creating pixel art (think old school video games), and while researching tutorials, a random line stating that “to be good at pixel art you still have to learn traditional art fundamentals” made me realize I had to start from scratch. It’s been about four years now and while I haven’t returned to making pixel art, I’ve continued to draw basically every day. The jury is still out if I were to turn it into an actual professional career, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of creative problem solving regardless.


What about you? What’s your favorite hobby?

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