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What is the difference between "clicks " and "opens" when I get my results back ?
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Open Rate: It indicates the percentage of emails you sent out that were opened by their recipients. It helps gauge the effectiveness of your subject lines and overall email engagement.

Clicks: This feature allows you to see which contacts clicked on the links within your email. It provides valuable insights into the interests and engagement levels of your audience.

See our post here about online marketing terms explained for more information.  



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I'm happy to answer your question Pete.

  • Opens is the number of times your email has been opened.
  • The Open Rate is the percentage of email recipients who have opened your email.
  • Clicks is the number of times a link within your email has been clicked
  • The Click rate is the percentage of email recipients who have clicked a link within your email.

Constant Contact has a great blog that explains opens versus clicks.  They also have a great list of open & click rates by industry. Here is their most recent one.


If you have any questions, please reach out.  

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