Constant Contact sent to different email address than uploaded email

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We sent out monthly newsletters to our clients. As part of this process, I generate an Excel list from our CRM system that includes the name and email address of record, and then upload the Excel file to create a list for that month's campaign. When I sent out the email this month, we received a message from one of the recipients saying the email was no longer active. However, that was a different email address than the one I uploaded from CRM. Apparently, the recipient has several contacts, including the newer one (that I uploaded from CRM) and the old outdated email address. Why did CC sent the email to the outdated email address when my uploaded list specified the new email address? Since I don't maintain the CRM system, I can't keep track of clients who change email addresses and then delete old email addresses from CC. How can I ensure that when I sent an email out, it's ONLY going to the email address I upload into a new list from my Excel file?

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Hello @jbriskincanby ,


Unique email addresses are what denote a unique contact. If you didn't remove the old address prior to sending out the email, and it was part of the list being sent to, then it would still be sent the email.

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